Having an app based appraisal solution not only presents a professional appearance to customers, but it helps your staff justify the valuation.

They’re also a huge timesaver, instead of logging on to numerous systems, uploading images, and checking a drivers licence all this can be achieved with the right car appraisal app.

You need a solution that works with, not against your current processes. Otherwise, you’ll just end up duplicating work; there’s no point in doubling up what you’re already doing. The best way to avoid this is to choose an app built by a company with real-life automotive experience.


The right app should also integrate seamlessly with your existing dealership software; this will allow instantaneous in-stocking upon trading or buying vehicles.

Another aspect is data export, it's all well and good capturing all this information but if it can’t be extracted into a well presented, easy to read PDF, what’s the point?

Tracking vehicle lifecycle is something else a leading appraisal solution should do. Recording expenditure over the whole process, from purchase, to recondition and its final sale is indispensable.

We’ve worked tirelessly at EvalExpert to tick all the above boxes and even more, why not try us and see how we can save you time, effort and money in your dealership.

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