Electric car sales up by 50% globally, is it time to start stocking EV's?

EV’s are a scary, misunderstood thing. There are very few dealerships trading in pure electric cars; they either have to due to a parent manufacturer selling electric vehicles or most simply ignore EV’s. But there are a few EV only used car dealerships starting to crop up in various markets.

 The ambiguity around battery leasing and whether there is actually a demand for used EV’s has been clouding the marketplace. But did you know that last year EV sales grew by a whopping 54%, that means there are now over three-million on the roads worldwide?

Norway is still leading the charge regarding electric ownership, with a 6.4% total market share but that trend looks set to spread. Dubai and the UAE have Vision 2021 and Plan 2021 which are looking to provide alternative modes of transport in a bid to save fuel and reduce emissions.


Many countries are looking to now push EV uptake toward 2030; this is the date many nations have said they’ll either ban ICE vehicle sales or adopt super low emission doctrines.

By that date, an estimated 125 million electric vehicles are thought to be on the planet's roads.

Drivers are becoming ever more eco-conscious, so now is the time to dip that toe into EV waters.
It’s time to seriously think about electric cars. So train up a member of staff on all things EV, from charging, to kilowatt hours used over daily driving, then find a good example of a Nissan Leaf and get it into the dealership.
The Leaf is one of the more common EV’s and can be purchased without a battery lease these days, making it a simpler proposition for a potential customer

If it sits in the showroom with little to no attention then you know now isn’t the time. 

However, if it sparks conversation and brings in prospective buyers from a new demographic, it’s a market worth pursuing.


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