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Today’s top dealerships are using technology to get ahead

Buying cars at auction can be laborious and time-consuming, but some of the top dealerships are now using the power of software to cut that time from around 30 hours a week to just 3.

Do you have the right car dealer tools in your arsenal?


Renault are making waves, and it’s all thanks to digital

Renault Middle East achieved a record first quarter this year, GCC market share now sits at 1.5%, it’s also the fourth best-selling car brand in Egypt, outselling Toyota.

Electric car sales up by 50% globally, is it time to start stocking EV's?

EV’s are a scary, misunderstood thing. There are very few dealerships trading in pure electric cars; they either have to due to a parent manufacturer selling electric vehicles or most simply...

Australian Market Outlook: Goodbye 2017

2017 looks to have been a very strong year for new car sales in Aus, as of November the year to date figures totted up to 984,931. But as the numbers edge over a million are things starting to...

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