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Today’s top dealerships are using technology to get ahead

Buying cars at auction can be laborious and time-consuming, but some of the top dealerships are now using the power of software to cut that time from around 30 hours a week to just 3.

Dealership appraisal software, what you need to know.

Having an app based appraisal solution not only presents a professional appearance to customers, but it helps your staff justify the valuation.

Do you have the right car dealer tools in your arsenal?


Renault are making waves, and it’s all thanks to digital

Renault Middle East achieved a record first quarter this year, GCC market share now sits at 1.5%, it’s also the fourth best-selling car brand in Egypt, outselling Toyota.

How can dealerships stay relevant in a digital age?

Most people dislike shopping for cars; there have been numerous reports on how pained the process is.

Software is Changing the Automotive Industry

Technology is all around us, in our pockets, on our desks, even on our wrists. But the car industry has been slow on the uptake. Portable computing has been around for at least twenty years, yet...

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