Today’s top dealerships are using technology to get ahead

Buying cars at auction can be laborious and time-consuming, but some of the top dealerships are now using the power of software to cut that time from around 30 hours a week to just 3.

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Solutions like Stockwave are shaking up the industry, not only will they auto bid for dealers but they’ll display the profit potential for every avenue, trade, wholesale and retail, as well as reducing the days to sale of auction stock by 5-7 days - purely through purchasing the right cars for the right money.

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The same can be said for dealership management systems, improving efficiency while cars are in stock will further enhance sales and profits. Paper records or even Excel spreadsheets are slow and time-consuming, keep track of your inventory in one place. Appraise them, keep an eye on lifecycle costs and minimise data entry.
Do you remember that car you listed as petrol when it should have been diesel? Mistakes like this shouldn’t happen, and with an industry leading dealer software, slip-ups like these will be a thing of the past.

Embrace technology, don’t be scared of it.

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